Image Refiners

About Us

Our Background

2012 was the year when Image Refiners started its operations related to image editing and providing services such as Image Clipping, Image to Cartoon or Image to Comic character conversion, Creating Shadow, Neck Joint, Color Correction, Photo Retouching etc. Image Refiners has become a trusted name to clients around the world for one stop photo editing services. Our short turnaround time and quality in work allow us to serve clients in US, UAE, Australia etc. Image Refiners have built their own quality control, Q/C and quality assurance, Q/A technique to provide clients with the best possible solution for photo editing.

Structure Of The Image Refiners

Image Refiners believe in hybrid structure of both top down and bottom up management structure. First of all everyone is free to identify any aspect of the business if it requires some major overhauling or minor fine tuning. Starting from the management to the executive positions to the workers, everyone’s opinion is accounted and analyzed for the best solution. Probably this is the reason we are able to provide solutions to critical image editing jobs in the fastest possible times.
Being a renowned private outsourcing company that serves for solution in Clipping, Shadow, Neck Joint, Color Correction, Photo Retouching etc. jobs, Image Refiners is gradually becoming a trusted name to clients around US, Canda and Europe(Germany, Denmark), Australia etc.
Apart from the other departments as Finance and Accounting, HR and Admin, what Image Refiners boast about, is, the Quality Control department. Zero tolerance to defects and uncompromisable quality standards for the Client’s requirements are made as the prime objective of the Quality Control department. A lot of investments are injected in this department continuously to get the best out of the image and photo editing service of Image Refiners.

Mission/Vision Of Image Refiners

Image Refiners started with offering only a couple of services but now through extensive training and proper recruitment process; it has always been able to increase the types of services it provides.
Our mission is to serve our clients according to their needs at top quality and best price with minimum requirement for communication with customers so that when customers put their jobs to image refiners, they become assured that the job will be done properly and within the allowed time frame.
On the other hand Image Refiner visualizes its future in the global context. The massive trainable workforce of Bangladesh and the tremendous increase in demand for image editing around the world are the two driving forces for the progression of the company. Image Refiners simply wants to be the catalyst for joining these two complementary factors to meet the tremendous demand potential which is very much evident in the global context.
Image refiners always strive to go one step farther to establish TQM or Total Quality Management in training of its workforces, improving the recruitment process and communicate better with customers. The dynamic attitude of the company is what it believes will place them in an honorable position in the ocean of the global digital world.